PODCAST: Jim Cramer’s Hydrogen Stocks. And Much More…

PODCAST: Jim Cramer’s Hydrogen Stocks. And Much More…

Jim Cramer’s hydrogen stocks: Linde and Plug Power. Other ESG, sustainable, and infrastructure stocks covered are Apple, Brookfield Renewable Partners, Steel Dynamics, Edison International, Duke Energy, Algonquin Power and Utilities, AES Corp., JinkoSolar, SolarEdge Technologies, NextEra Energy, Bloom Energy, United Rentals, Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, Nucor, Halma, and Croder. Analysts from The Motley Fool and MoneyShow

PODCAST: Jim Cramer’s Hydrogen Stocks. And Much More…

Transcript & Links, Episode 43, October 23, 2020

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Jim Cramer’s Hydrogen Stocks

Well if you live in North America and interested in money you’ve no doubt heard of Jim Cramer and his ‘Mad Money’ show. Now he’s talking-up hydrogen. Mr. Cramer is quoted extensively in an article by Tyler Clifford titled ‘I’m bullish on hydrogen’ — Jim Cramer breaks down his top hydrogen plays. Here are some quotes from the article.

“[Jim Cramer] is now endorsing the stocks of Linde and Plug Power, the first as a conservative play on the space and the second as a more speculative undertaking…

1) Linde, an Ireland-domiciled industrial gas company that handles production and distribution, is valued by the market at $126.1 billion…

2) Plug Power, based in Latham, New York, produces hydrogen and fuel cell systems with its eyes on industrial vehicles… The stock has surged more than 480% year to date…

Cramer recommended waiting to buy Plug Power on a pullback.” End quotes.


ESG Investors Will Love These 3 Stocks

We again have a threesome in one article from The Motley Fool, each recommending a different stock. The article is titled ESG Investors Will Love These 3 Stocks. Here are their picks followed by relevant quotes by the recommending analyst.

“1) Travis Hoium likes Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) — The Motley Fool

Companies that focus on environmental, social, and governance issues do so with everything they do… That’s why Apple is a great ESG stock.

[Some] highlights of Apple’s environmental focus: 

  • Apple’s operations are already carbon neutral.
  • By 2030 Apple plans to make all of its products and manufacturing suppliers carbon neutral. 
  • Apple has nearly 400 megawatts (MW) of solar, including on the roof of its headquarters, which is more than any other company in the U.S….

2) Howard Smith likes Brookfield Renewable Partners (NYSE:BEP) — The Motley Fool

Brookfield Renewable has an investment portfolio of over 5,300 power-generating facilities globally. Its ownership and investments consist of hydroelectric, solar, and wind power… Side with a proven winner by investing in Brookfield Renewable Partners.

3) Jason Hall picks Steel Dynamics (NASDAQ:STLD) — The Motley Fool

Conscious capitalism also requires investors put their money in companies making dirty industries cleaner and more sustainable. 

Steel Dynamics hits the mark:

  • 83% of the inputs are recycled or internally generated.
  • Energy intensity and emissions are 11% and 13%, respectively, of global steel production averages. 
  • 99% of water is reused and 99% of mill byproducts are recycled…

Since going public over 20 years ago it has trounced the S&P 500, and has… a dividend yield near 3% after more than a decade of yearly double-digit increases.” End quotes.


9 Ways To Invest In Alternative Energy

It’s impossible to get away from alternative energy in this podcast as it’s probably the most frequent ESG related industry covered anywhere. This article is titled 9 Ways To Invest In Alternative Energy and is by the MoneyShow.

Here are some relevant quotes.

“1) Edison International (EIX)

Last month, the California utility won regulators’ approval for the largest build of EV charging stations and energy storage in US history. Edison is cheap because of understandable concern about the durability of California’s new utility wildfire insurance in a season of record heat…

Edison sells for just 11.2 times earnings and pays a yield of nearly 5 percent.

2) Duke Energy (DUK)

There’s uncertainty about how much North Carolina regulators will approve of its planned investment on power grid improvement and coal ash cleanup. [Also], arguably no US utility has a bigger opportunity to rate base solar…

Buy up to $90.

3) Algonquin Power and Utilities (AQN) and AES Corp (AES)

As for companies combining contracted renewables with regulated utilities, the best buys are Algonquin Power and Utilities for the most conservative investors, and AES Corp. for everyone else.

AES’s… real appeal is an unrivaled global pipeline of new wind and solar generation along with energy storage… AES shares are now up nearly 30 percent since July… it’s still a buy up to 22.

As for Algonquin, new management looks set to continue the roughly two-thirds utility, one-third contracted renewables earnings and growth strategy… Buy at $14 or lower.

5) JinkoSolar (JKS)

Is the largest solar panel producer in the world… And its global business is booming, with a recent agreement to supply bifacial modules — which produce solar energy from both sides of the panel and generate 40% more power than current mainstream utility products — in Chile and in Vietnam…

JinkoSolar went ballistic on enormous volume both before and after earnings.

6) SolarEdge Technologies (SEDG)

Aims to disrupt the entire electricity grid along with traditional power generation… It’s a great story…

7) NextEra Energy (NEE)

Its FPL division serves the state of Florida and is the largest regulated electric utility in the country. But the company’s alternative energy segment is its fastest-growing business.

In fact, NextEra Energy Resources is now the world’s largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and sun. And it’s also becoming a world leader in battery storage capacity… NextEra is very attractive today.

8) Plug Power (PLUG) (Yes, again!)

Its technology is based on fuel cells, which use hydrogen today to generate electricity in the harshest off-grid environments, which power electric industrial vehicles like forklifts, and which will soon be powering on-road vehicles as well develops…

Financially, the company has not yet turned profitable, and there are no profits visible in the year ahead… As for the stock, it’s hot, hitting new highs.

9) Bloom Energy (BE)

Is a fuel cell stock. [The] cells generate electricity from natural gas, biogas or hydrogen to provide highly reliable on-site power to liberate businesses (like Walmart, Ikea, Oracle and eBay) from unreliable electric grids…

In late June, management disclosed a partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries, which is the world’s third-biggest shipbuilder, to provide power plants for ships…

Earnings are not in sight yet, but the stock has been gaining strength and just recently broke out to a new high so it can be bought here, too.” End quotes.


3 Top Infrastructure Stocks to Buy Right Now

There’s no doubt that after the US election infrastructure spending will be top-of-mind for the incoming administration. And construction industry companies might be a fit for some ethical and sustainable investors. Here’s a new article by Neha Chamaria on The Motley Fool site has this in mind. It’s titled 3 Top Infrastructure Stocks to Buy Right Now.

Here are the three stocks each followed by some relevant comments from Ms. Chamaria.

1) “United Rentals (NYSE:URI) — The Motley Fool

Some notable facts about the company:

  • United Rentals has roughly 13% share in the North American equipment rental market.
  • The company’s revenue clocked 14.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2009 and 2019.

2019 was a record year for United Rentals with revenue soaring 16% to $9.3 billion…

2) Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (NYSE:BIPC) (NYSE:BIP) — The Motley Fool

The bulk of Brookfield’s businesses generate stable and steady income and cash flows under long-term, fixed-rate, or regulated contracts. That is why the company hasn’t just paid, but has grown, its dividend per share at a CAGR of 11% between 2009 and 2020. The dividend [is] currently 4%…

Brookfield is now increasingly betting on high-growth areas like 5G technology… shareholders can easily expect double-digit annual returns from this stock.

3) Nucor (NYSE:NUE) — The Motley Fool

This company is the leading manufacturer of steel… a raw material that’s indispensable for building infrastructure assets, from bridges and dams to pipelines and rail tracks… Nucor should benefit hugely from an uptick in construction activity… With a 3.4% yield, Nucor is a great stock to own at all times.” End quotes.


2 sustainable investments for 2020 that I like

Now two stock recommendations from a UK Motley Fool contributor, Kirsteen Mackay. Her article is titled 2 sustainable investments for 2020 that I like.

Again, I’ll state the company followed by select quotes from Ms. Mackay.

“1) Halma (LSE:HLMA) — The Motley Fool

Halma is considered a sustainable company because it offers solutions to ensuring clean water and infrastructure safety… I think this looks a resilient company with a solid future ahead. It offers a small dividend yield (less than 1%) and the likelihood of continued growth.

2) Croda (LSE:CRDA) — The Motley Fool

Croda International is a chemical and technology company found in some top sustainable investment funds… Its solutions are essential to products found in health and beauty, engine lubricants and plastics…

The STOXX Europe Sustainability Index contains both Halma and Croda…” End quotes.


End Comment

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