Who Should Invest My Money

Who should invest my money?

Where can I get help with investing? What questions to ask a financial advisor?

Below are useful websites that can help ethical investors in selecting a financial planner, investment advisor or stockbroker.


In Canada:

In the UK:

  • UK Social Investment Forum. Lists UK advisors, financial planners and stockbrokers who have an affinity for ethical investing. It is the most complete listing of such professionals in the UK.

(Note: The listings above are for informational purposes only. Investors should conduct their own due diligence as to the suitability of any advisor, planner, or investment professional that they might consider using. Investing for the Soul cannot be held responsible for any relationships or outcomes that an investor might have with an advisor or planner that they may use. Use of this information is at the investors own risk. Neither Ron Robins or Investing for the Soul has any relationship, legally, financially, or otherwise, with any of the organizations listed above.)