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About Investing for the Soul

Founded in 2002

This site provides vital information and services to help all investors concerned about ethics, the environment, personal-spiritual development, and so forth, to do better as investors.

And the accumulating huge body of evidence suggests that outperformance of investment returns is often possible by employing such values-based investment strategies. (See Ethical Investing Studies/Research).

Helping you accomplish your goals and available on our website are many pages that include: Ethical Investing News And Commentary, ArchivesEditorialsBooks, and Research Links.

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However, to truly gain the benefits of a personal values approach, participate in the valuable services listed below.

Services for Investors, Investment Professionals,
& Companies

For investors, we show you how to find and research companies and investments that best reflect your own personal values. This is easily and enjoyably accomplished through our unique and highly praised tutorials: DIY Ethical-Sustainable Investing Pays Tutorial and Tutorial: Creating A Profitable Personal Values-Based Portfolio.

For licensed investment advisors, financial planners, and portfolio managers, we can help you find investments and create portfolios that reflect personal value preferences. This is achieved through an array of original specialized services that includes a Tutorial: Finding & Evaluating Stocks That Reflect Personal Values, a Company Research Service, a Portfolio Audit Service and specialist workshops to orient your clients/staff to ethical or values-based investing.

For companies, we can offer specially designed workshops/webinars for managers and employees that show staff how to locate and research investments that could emulate their own individual values. For details please Contact Us.

Please note though, that we do not offer investment advice.