Podcast: Great Green Stocks

Podcast: Great Green Stocks

Great green stocks and healthy health stocks found in these articles: “Ten Green Stocks I expect to do well over the next year”; “Top Health Care Stocks To Buy Right Now? 4 To Watch”; “Top 5 Companies That Pledged To Go Carbon Neutrality”; and “Best Stocks To Buy Now? 4 Renewable Stocks For Your List.”

Podcast: Great Green Stocks

Transcript & Links, Episode 87, July 15, 2022

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1. Great Green Stocks

This first article is titled Ten Green Stocks I expect to do well over the next year by Tom Konrad. It appeared on altenergystocks.com. I’ve covered Mr. Konrad’s picks before, so this is an update. His picks are followed by brief comments on each one.

“1) MiX Telematics (NASD: MIXT)

A provider of vehicle tracking and telematics to large international vehicle fleets.  The company is green because it both reduces accidents and fuel usage for its customers.

2) Valeo, SA (FR.PA or US ADR: VLEEY or US foreign stock ticker: VLEEF)

A provider of electrified drive trains, sensors, and comfort systems for the automotive industry.

3) NFI Industries (NFI.TO C$13.39 or US foreign stock ticker: NFYEF)

A leading international bus and motorcoach manufacturer selling a large and growing number of electrified vehicles.

4) Rockwool A/S (ROCK-B.CO and ROCK-A.CO or US foreign stock ticker: RKWBF)

A manufacturer of fire and mold resistant building insulation.

5) Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure (NASD: HASI)

A financier of solar, wind, biogas, and energy efficiency installations.

6) Veolia (VIE.PA or US ADR: VEOEY or US foreign stock ticker: VEOEF)

A large international developer and operator of municipal infrastructure such as water, wastewater, recycling, and environmental remediation.

7) Enviva, Inc (EVA)

A vertically integrated wood pellet supplier to European and Japanese markets, where they mostly displace coal in electricity generation.

8) Umicore, SA (UMI.BR or US ADR: UMICY or US foreign stock ticker: UMICF)

A vertically integrated recycler of hard-to-recycle and specialty metals used in clean energy industries such as batteries, solar, wind, and catalytic converters.

9) Avangrid (NYSE: AGR)

One of the top producers and developers of renewable electricity in the United States.  

10) Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure (NASD: AY)

An international owner and developer of renewable energy, efficient natural gas, electric transmission line and water assets.” End quotes.


2. Great Green Stocks

This next article recommends some leading health care stocks. Many ESG portfolios contain the healthcare stocks in this article titled Top Health Care Stocks To Buy Right Now? 4 To Watch by Joe Samuel at StockMarket.com. Here are some quotes by Mr. Samuel on each one. Quote.

“1) Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (NASDAQ: VRTX)

This is a company that focuses on the development of medicines… for the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis (CF)… Vertex also has a pipeline of investigational therapies in other serious diseases… This includes sickle cell disease, type 1 diabetes, pain, beta-thalassemia, and more… The company announced earlier this week that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has lifted the clinical hold placed on its Phase 1/2 clinical trial of VX-880. The drug is an investigational stem cell-derived, fully differentiated pancreatic islet cell replacement therapy for people with type 1 diabetes. 

Furthermore, Vertex also signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA)… Not only is this a huge milestone for the company, but this new recommendation will be a huge boost for all people living with CF in Canada. So, would you consider Vertex Pharmaceuticals stock as a top health care stock to buy?

2) Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX)

This is a biotech company that specializes in developing vaccines to treat infectious diseases… the company’s portfolio consists of vaccines for Ebola, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus among other emerging infectious illnesses… the company is actively working on a coronavirus vaccine. Novavax stock is among the most bullish stocks in the health care sector today…

The latest (development) that contributed to its momentum (is) its Nuvaxovid COVID-19 vaccine… the European Commission gave the green light for conditional marketing authorization of the vaccine in the European Union for adolescents aged 12 through 17… Keeping this in mind, would you consider jumping on the Novavax stock bandwagon? 

3) Adaptive Biotechnologies (NASDAQ: ADPT)

Similar to Novavax, Adaptive Biotechnologies is a company that has been quietly building momentum recently. For those unaware, it is a commercial-stage company that focuses on the human adaptive immune system to develop the diagnosis and treatment of diseases… For now, the company’s commercial research products include immunoSEQ and immunoSEQ T-MAP…

In June, the company launched the T-Detect™ Lyme. This is a test… that will identify… Lyme disease… With that in mind, should investors keep a closer tab on Adaptive Biotechnologies stock? 

4) Beam Therapeutics (NASDAQ: BEAM)

Is a biotech company that focuses on precision genetic medicines based on its base editing technology… Therefore, it would not be surprising if investors will be paying more attention to BEAM stock moving forward…

Recently, it appears that the company has entered into an amended and restated collaboration and license agreement with Verve Therapeutics (NASDAQ: VERV). Under the amendment, Beam granted Verve a license toward an additional liver-mediated cardiovascular disease target… Overall, these new amendments appear to be a positive development. Having said that, does BEAM stock have a spot on your watchlist?” End quotes.


3. Great Green Stocks

Now, do you want to invest in the Top 5 Companies That Pledged To Go Carbon Neutrality — and yes, that’s the title of this next article! It’s by Samiya Saeed. It’s found on inventiva.co.in. Here are a few quotes from Ms. Saeed on each company.


In 2017, Google became the first company to meet 100% of its yearly worldwide electricity needs with renewable energy… it has promised to decarbonize its electricity supply and run-on carbon-free energy seven days a week, 24 hours a day, by 2030.

2) Apple (AAPL)

By 2030, Apple’s entire business, manufacturing supply chain, and product life cycle would all be carbon neutral, the company announced in July 2020. According to the company, nearly 70 suppliers have committed to using only renewable energy in their manufacturing processes…

The company also said in March that the 2022 iPhone SE would be the first device to use its carbon-free aluminum smelting technology. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is likewise manufactured with low-carbon aluminum. Apple is also spending money on afforestation and other environmentally friendly methods to sequester carbon.


Intel, has made a commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2040 as well as to increase energy efficiency and lessen the carbon impact of its platforms and products… The corporation aims to use solely renewable energy in all of its international operations by that time.

Intel will invest $300 million in energy-saving measures at its facilities, saving a total of 4 billion kilowatt-hours. Additionally, the company will build new buildings that meet the requirements of the US Green Building Council’s LEED program in Europe, Asia, and the United States.


Microsoft has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The company also claims that by 2025, it will have either directly or indirectly eliminated from the environment all of the carbon it has released into the atmosphere since its foundation in 1975.

To hasten the global development of carbon reduction, capture, and removal technologies, it has established a $1 billion climate innovation fund.

5) IBM (IBM)

IBM stated in February that it would have zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.” End quotes.


4. Great Green Stocks

Now we return to renewable energy stocks with this article titled Best Stocks To Buy Now? 4 Renewable Stocks For Your List by Jonathan Phillip from StockMarket.com. Here’s some of what Mr. Phillip says about his picks.

“1) Clearway Energy (NYSE: CWEN)

The company is one of the country’s largest renewable energy owners. Impressively, the company has over 5,000 net megawatts (MW) of installed wind and solar generation projects… Its 7,500 net MW of assets also include approximately 2,500 net MW of environmentally sound, highly efficient natural gas generation facilities…

Last week, the company announced that it has entered into an agreement with Capistrano Wind Partners to acquire its operating wind projects… these wind projects would be a perfect fit for Clearway’s current portfolio… The acquisition… should boost Clearway’s financials from 2023. Given this acquisition, should you invest in Clearway stock?

2) JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS)

One out of every ten solar modules in the world is produced by JinkoSolar. Since the start of the year, JinkoSolar stock has risen nearly 40% in price.

Earlier this month, JinkoSolar kicked off the construction of its latest n-type solar cell and module production plant in Jianshan in China. On this site, the company will produce 11 gigawatts (GW) of n-type cells with an average efficiency of 25%. This would mean that JinkoSolar could be the world’s first 10 GW-scale factory to mass-produce solar cells of above 25% efficiency… With JinkoSolar making these advancements, should you keep an eye out for JKS stock?

3) First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR)

The company engages in the manufacture of solar panels and utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) power plants. Besides that, it is a global provider of sustainably produced eco-efficient solar modules. The company’s advanced thin-film photovoltaic (PV) modules represent the next generation of solar technologies…

Last week, the company inked an agreement to supply 2 GW of its solar modules to National Grid Renewables (NGR), further strengthening its partnership with the company… Through this, it would seem that First Solar’s long-standing relationship with National Grid Renewables exemplifies the capabilities of its products. Therefore, should you add First Solar stock to your portfolio?

4) NextEra Energy (NYSE: NEE)

It is a renewable energy company that owns the largest rate-regulated electric utility in the U.S., Florida Power & Light Company (FPL)… (which) serves more than 11 million residents across Florida with clean, reliable, and affordable electricity. It also owns a competitive clean energy business, NextEra Energy Resources (NEER)… one of the largest generators of renewable energy from the wind and sun and a world leader in battery storage…

The renewable energy giant announced that it will be purchasing the wastewater system of Towamencin Township in Montgomery County, Philadelphia… NextEra’s management recently increased its earnings per share expectations for the 2022 to 2025 period… Considering the news, is NextEra Energy stock worth watching?”

End quotes. Incidentally, JinkoSolar is still accused by some of employing forced labor.


Other Honorable Mentions – not in any order, links on this podcast’s webpage

1) Title ETFs for investors willing to ride out the volatility in the clean energy sector – theglobeandmail.com. By Joel Schlesinger.

2) Title DividendChannel: Top Socially Responsible Dividend Stock – VerizonPR (5.0% Yield) on coinsobserver.com.

3) Title Schlumberger a Top Socially Responsible Dividend Stock With 2.1% Yield (SLB) on nasdaq.com. By BNK Invest.

4) Title 5 Best Robo-Advisors for Socially Responsible Investing – CEO Money on wfn1.com. By Barbara Friedberg.

5) Title This Solar Stock Continues To Rise As Consumers Seek Alternative Energy in Investor’s Business Daily at investors.com. By Michael Molinsky.

Plus an article for UK investors — again link on this podcast’s webpage

Title Want to invest ethically and cheaply? Find a responsible tracker fund on thisismoney.co.uk. By Tanya Jeffries.


Ending Comment

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