Podcast: Ocean’s ETF. Fastest Growing Green Companies.

Podcast: Ocean’s ETF. Fastest Growing Green Companies.

Articles covered include: “Meet the 50 fastest-growing green companies in Canada”; “An ETF to Save the Oceans Splashes into the Market”; “Jim Cramer says he likes this alternative energy play for a high inflation environment”; “A Guide To ESG Strategies For Municipal Bond Investors”; and “2022′s Top Sustainable Funds Weather a Tough Market.” And more!

Podcast: Ocean’s ETF. Fastest Growing Green Companies.

Transcript & Links, Episode 85, June 17, 2022

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1. Green Companies

Now I’m headlining with this article. Though it refers to Canadian companies, these companies could be of interest to investors globally. The article’s titled Meet the 50 fastest-growing green companies in Canada. It’s from the outstanding Corporate Knights group. About half of these companies are public. Here are some quotes from the article.

“Our objective was to identify outstanding Canadian entrepreneurs and companies that are gaining significant traction in the fight against carbon – with exciting new solutions that most of the world hasn’t discovered yet…

These game-changing innovators include Calgary-based Eavor Technologies, which has a system to produce geothermal energy almost anywhere in the world, using looped water streams that tap the heat deep underground to augment solar and wind-powered electrical grids.

Toronto-based Hydrostor has another plan for augmenting wind and solar grids, to free utilities from fossil-based backups such as natural gas and nuclear. Hydrostor uses off-peak energy to heat utility-scale quantities of compressed air, which is stored in underground chambers until peak energy demand requires the air to drive a turbine again.

In Squamish, B.C., Carbon Engineering – founded by a Harvard professor – has created technologies to suck carbon dioxide right out of the atmosphere, for underground storage or processing into synthetic fuels. Bill Gates is an investor. 

Oneka Technologies, founded by entrepreneur Dragan Tutic in Sherbrooke, Quebec, at age 23, brings affordable drinking water to coastal communities with scalable desalination systems, sustainably powered by ocean waves.

And one of the women leading the cleantech charge in Canada is electrical engineer Miriam Tuerk. Her company Clear Blue Technologies is bringing light and wireless service to remote regions through ‘smart’ off-grid wind and solar systems…

The Future

Still, most of these companies are works in progress, their ultimate fates unpredictable. In publishing this list, Corporate Knights makes no promises about their prospects, or their suitability for investment. Innovation doesn’t work that way. But the future depends on their success.” End quotes.

To see the Top 25 fastest-growing publicly traded green companies click the link on this podcast’s webpage and scroll down the page.


2. Green Companies

Next. A massive area of concern for many investors is climate change and its effects on the world’s oceans. Now a fascinating ETF has launched with this concern and here’s an article describing it. It’s titled An ETF to Save the Oceans Splashes into the Market. It’s found on an investopedia.com video podcast. Here are a few quotes from the transcript.

“The United Nations World Oceans Day is being celebrated this week, and while we should celebrate and protect our oceans every day, it’s always good to focus on our most precious of natural resources, even for one day alone. And now you can invest in helping protect our oceans through a new exchange traded fund (ETF) from New Day Impact, a San Francisco-based asset management and financial technology company that brings responsible investing to those who seek investments that reflect their values, kind of like the folks who listen to the Green Investor Podcast.

The New Day Ocean Health Exchange Traded Fund, which trades under the ticker AHOY, launched this week, and it aims for long-term capital appreciation through investments in companies that are diverting ocean-bound plastic waste, supporting sustainable fisheries, controlling ocean acidification caused by CO2 emissions, and actively using strategies to combat ocean pollution and other threats to marine health. Doug Haski, the CEO of New Day Impact, is behind the team bringing that ETF to market, and they are doing it with EarthEcho International, an environmental nonprofit organization established by Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau in honor of their father, Philippe Cousteau Sr. and their grandfather, the legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau. Doug and Philippe, are our special guests this week to talk about the launch.” End quotes.


3. Green Companies

Next is an article quoting CNBC.com’s renowned host/investor Jim Cramer (who) says he likes this alternative energy play for a high inflation environment. Quote.

“CNBC’s Jim Cramer… gave investors his blessing to buy shares of Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure.

‘Atlantica’s a real company that sells real stuff at a profit and returns those profits to shareholders, while still having a relatively cheap stock. It’s exactly what we like in this high inflation environment where the [Federal Reserve] is slamming the brakes on the economy,’ the ‘Mad Money’ host said.

Skyrocketing inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have put pressure on the global supply of commodities, including oil, which is driving up prices of barrels and gas at the pumps. Cramer noted that high-quality alternative energy companies benefit from the skyrocketing prices…

He added that Atlantica had solid results for its most recent quarter, reporting 7% comparable revenue growth, and has a 5.5% dividend yield.” End quote.


A Guide To ESG Strategies For Municipal Bond Investors

Now, most diversified portfolios will include bonds and they’ll likely include municipal – or local government – bonds. However, it’s rare to find a good guide for ethical and sustainable investors concerning these bonds – but this article offers some insight. It’s titled A Guide To ESG Strategies For Municipal Bond Investors. It’s by Erin Bigley, Marc Uy; Gavin Romm, and Larry Bellinger. It’s found on seekingalpha.com.

Here are some quotes.


  • Municipal bond investors increasingly want to apply environmental, social, and governance considerations to their portfolios.
  • Some muni investors may want to apply ESG screening to avoid specific issuers based on personal considerations and values.
  • Muni impact investing can target many important ESG-related goals, ranging from improving water supplies and mass transit to energy efficiency and economic development.” End quotes.

Also, you can get a good idea of what their article covers from these sub-headings. They are.

Integration: Measuring ESG Across Muni Portfolios

Screening: Customizing According to Investor Preferences

Measuring ESG Doesn’t Have to Cost You

Impact: Improving Outcomes for Underserved Communities

Choosing a Muni ESG Approach Hinges on Investor Goals


2022′s Top Sustainable Funds Weather a Tough Market

This next article from Morningstar.com in the US has this title that says it all: 2022′s Top Sustainable Funds Weather a Tough Market. It’s by Katherine Lynch. Here’s some of what Ms. Lynch has to say.

“This year has been difficult for many ESG funds. Energy stocks have been top performers, but most sustainable strategies hold little or no oil company stocks because of the link between oil and gas consumption and climate change. At the same time, sustainable funds tend to have outsize weightings in technology stocks, many of which have taken a beating in 2022.

As a result, 65% of sustainable U.S. equity funds sit at the bottom of their Morningstar Category rankings in terms of year-to-date performance…

Despite the headwinds in 2022, six sustainable funds covered by Morningstar analysts rank in the top half of their category. Five of them carry a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Bronze or Silver.

Table Description automatically generated

For the most part, the strong 2022 performance for this group of funds isn’t limited to just this year.

For the past three years, five out of the six landed in top two quintiles of performance. In addition, over the past five years, four of the six funds ranked in the top 10% of all funds in their respective category.”

Table Description automatically generated

End quotes. There’s much more in this article, so I urge you to go to my podcast page and click the link to it.


Other Honorable Mentions – not in any order, links on this podcast’s webpage

1) Title Merck a Top Socially Responsible Dividend Stock With 3.1% Yield (MRK) on Nasdaq.com. By the Dividend Channel.

2) Title Companies Like Nexii Are Betting on Sustainable Construction — in The New York Times. By Eilene Zimmerman.

3) Title Best Stocks To Buy Now? 3 Solar Energy Stocks In Focus. On Nasdaq.com. By Joe Samuel from StockMarket.com.

4) Title New ESG Fund from Engine No. 1 Leans on Activism. On Kiplinger.com. By Ellen Kennedy.

Articles for UK, Australian, and International Investors—again links on this podcast’s webpage

1) Title One ASX share price opportunity I couldn’t pass up if I started investing today on fool.com.au. By Tristan Harrison.


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