PODCAST: Jim Cramer’s Solar Stocks and MUCH More

PODCAST: Jim Cramer’s Solar Stocks and MUCH More

Jim Cramer’s Solar Stocks and MUCH More. This episode includes the following stocks and funds. First Solar, Enphase, Generac, Apple, Tesla, GE, Microsoft, Neo, Plug Power, Airbnb, Palantir, Bloom Energy, Ballard Power Systems, Brookfield Renewable Partners, Lucid Motors, BlackRock U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETF, iShares ESG Aware MSCI EM ETF, Vanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETF

PODCAST: Jim Cramer’s Solar Stocks and MUCH More

Transcript & Links, Episode 63, July 30, 2021

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Jim Cramer’s Solar Stocks

Let’s begin with CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Monday revealed his top three solar stock plays. It’s by Tyler Clifford on CNBC. Here are some quotes from the article.

“’I think your portfolio needs some solar exposure, ideally with First SolarEnphase or Generac … We needed to wait for the big post-election shakeout before recommending the solar stocks,’ Cramer said… (continuing)

‘I think that this group has a lot more room to run… Generac has been one of my favorite ways to play an increasingly unreliable electric grid, and while the stock looks expensive up here, management’s got a terrific track record,’ Cramer said.” End quotes.


These stocks are the top picks for millennials and Gen Z

Want to know which stocks millennials and Gen Z favour? This article reveals them. It’s titled These stocks are the top picks for millennials and Gen Z by Ihsaan Fanusie appearing on Yahoo! Finance. Quoting the article.

A recent study by financial source DailyFX revealed that Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA), and GE (GE) are the most popular stocks for millennials and Generation Z investors.

The study collected data from Robinhood and examined investing preferences among millennials and Gen Z across the United States and United Kingdom for the 12 months ending April 2021… GameStop (GME) was not included in the study…

Overall, the technology and automotive industries dominated the market for young people, with companies like Microsoft (MSFT) and Tesla generating significant investment activity.

Interestingly, electric vehicle manufacturing company Nio (NIO) was the top security for millennial investors…

Sustainability has been a key factor… Plug Power (PLUG), an alternative energy company, was the top stock for the younger generations in seven states…

In the UK, Nio, Airbnb (ABNB), and Palantir (PLTR) were the younger generations’ most commonly traded stocks.” End quotes


3 Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy If the Market Crashes

Continuing in the renewable energy theme is this article 3 Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy If the Market Crashes. Each stock is recommended by a different analyst. Here are the names of the analysts, followed by the company they recommend, and then followed by quotes from them on that company.

1) Travis Hoium picks Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE)

One of the most exciting growth markets in renewable energy is hydrogen technology, and Bloom Energy is one of the industry leaders…

Bloom Energy hasn’t gotten as much attention as Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG) or Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP), both of which have higher valuations than it does. But Bloom is a better operator with more revenue and higher gross margins… it has a long growth runway into a total addressable market that management thinks could be over $2 trillion. 

What Bloom Energy hasn’t generated yet are profits… (but) could be profitable in the next few years.

2) Howard Smith likes Brookfield Renewable Partners (NYSE: BEP)

The stock’s dividend yields around 3% at recent prices, and a market crash could provide investors the chance to lock in income at an even more desirable yield

Brookfield Renewable has a portfolio of almost $60 billion worth of renewable energy assets globally… (its) shares are up about 40% over the past year… Brookfield aims to increase shareholder distributions by between 5% and 9% annually…

3) Daniel Foelber recommends Lucid Motors (NYSE: CCIV) (NASDAQ: LCID)

The company says the Lucid Dream Edition (automobile) has an EPA-rated range of 503 miles on a full charge, and that its 1,080-horsepower engine can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds or less. The specs speak for themselves, but it’s going to take a lot more than a hot car for Lucid to become a rival to automakers like Tesla…

Lucid’s marketing strategy resembles the one used by Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)… begin with the low-volume rollout of a high-margin vehicle, then transition to a lower-margin, higher-volume strategy over time…” End quotes.


7 ESG ETFs to Buy Now

Looking for ESG ETFs? You’re in luck with this article 7 ESG ETFs to Buy Now by Jeff Reeves on money.usnews.com. Here are some quotes from him on each one.

“1) iShares ESG Aware MSCI EM ETF (ESGE)

It’s… benchmarked to an MSCI index of emerging-market stocks. Emerging markets obviously hold a lot of promise because of their growth potential, but they also can be home to business practices that many Western investors would frown upon… Allocations include 35% of assets in China, 13% in South Korea and 10% in India… (It has) an impressive $8 billion in assets under management.


Another solid option for international investors… is this sister iShares fund… focused on EAFE markets – that is, Europe, Asia and the Far East. While you won’t get exposure to companies in the U.S. and Canada, you do get access to developed markets to supplement the EM approach of the prior iShares fund… With nearly $6 billion in assets under management, this global ESG fund is the go-to option for those looking for exposure outside the U.S.

3) iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (ICLN)

Another iShares fund tops this list of leading ESG funds… it’s hard to argue that anyone concerned about climate change or carbon emissions would overlook the iShares Global Clean Energy ETF as one of the most important ways to invest with environmental principles in mind. With about $6 billion in assets under management, this fund is a liquid and established way for investors to play top names in the space.

4) Vanguard ESG U.S. Stock ETF (ESGV)

At about $5 billion in total assets under management… (it) is among the most diversified when it comes to total holdings. Around 1,500 total components make up this fund, and… they are all U.S.-based corporations… it cuts out the worst based on rankings for ESG criteria and presumes the rest are above board.

5) Xtrackers MSCI USA ESG Leaders Equity ETF (USSG)

Another substantial U.S.-based ESG fund… tallies a total of nearly $4 billion in assets… Comprised of a focused list of about 280 securities… About 28% of the fund is in tech, but it diversifies nicely after that with the No. 2 sector being health care at 14%.

6) iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF (DSI)

At more than $3 billion in assets… (It’s)… pretty much a kind of S&P 500 index with the 100 stocks that rank worst on social criteria being excluded from the lineup. Unfortunately, though it has more total stocks than the prior Xtrackers fund, it’s even more biased toward tech with 33% of assets in the sector.

7) iShares MSCI USA ESG Select ETF (SUSA)

With only 200 or so holdings in (its) portfolio… the prospectus claims this ESG ETF only backs stocks with ‘leading environmental, social, and governance practices.’ You… get exposure to some traditionally popular domestic stocks without sacrificing your principles.” End quotes.


ESG BS Detector: Do new “green” funds support the carbon transition?

Adria Vasil of Canada’s Corporate Knights magazine has penned an article titled ESG BS Detector: Do new “green” funds support the carbon transition? Here are some quotes from her piece.

“We look under the hood of BlackRock’s new Carbon Transition ETF to see if it delivers on its low-carbon promise… This ETF invests in large- and mid-capitalization U.S. equity securities ‘tilting towards those that BlackRock believes are better positioned to benefit from the transition to a low-carbon economy.’

The fund is dominated by all the standard Big Tech firms found in conventional ETF holdings… more than a quarter of this fund’s holdings trip our red-flag alarms…” End quote.

(Issues found by author)

  • “14 energy companies with less than 20% of their near-term investment in the energy transition, including Exxon, Chevron, Kinder Morgan and ConocoPhillips.
  • 8 climate-policy-blocking companies, including Berkshire Hathaway, Goldman Sachs and Valero, as well as a few energy companies.
  • 3 big brands selling industrial meat, including Spam-king Hormel.
  • 1 deforestation and palm oil laggard, namely Kraft Heinz Co., which Global Canopy gives a big fat zero to when it comes to its overarching commitment on deforestation (a primary contributor to climate change).

BlackRock’s position: ‘BlackRock’s new Carbon Transition ETF (LCTU) leverages BlackRock’s proprietary climate analytics to analyze a company’s ability to thrive in the transition to a low carbon economy, resulting in a portfolio with almost 50% less carbon intensity than its Russell 1000 benchmark.’

Bottom line: look before you leap.” End quotes.

(For Adria’s previous discussion of a similar Blackrock fund see 4. The Top Renewable Energy Stocks, Funds. Plus…)


How Engine No. 1’s new $100 million ETF plans to change impact investing

Many of you will recall how a little-known fund, Engine No. 1, was able to muster enough support to install 3 pro-climate investors on Exxon’s board of directors.

Well, now they’ve created a special fund to be in a position to influence the boards of numerous other companies towards pro-climate and ESG policies. Watch this interview on Yahoo! Finance titled How Engine No. 1’s new $100 million ETF plans to change impact investing. (The link to this interview is on this podcast’s webpage.)

The interviewer is Julie Hyman who interviews Yasmin Dahya Bilger, head of ETFs at Engine No. 1.


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