Canada’s 50 fastest-growing green companies of 2023

Canada’s 50 fastest-growing green companies of 2023

“Topping the ‘public’ list is Li-Cycle, which provides end-of-life recycling and resource recovery for lithium-ion batteries. Between 2020 and 2021, the Toronto-based company grew its sales from $1.05 million to $9.1 million – a gain of 766%.

Possibly even more remarkable are the three giant companies on the public list that achieved 2021 revenue numbers in the nine figures: Vancouver healthcare-services provider CloudMD Software ($102 million); Toronto plant-protein producer Global Food and Ingredients ($124 million); and Delta, B.C., greenhouse growers Village Farms International ($339 million). (While greenhouses aren’t usually considered energy-efficient, Village Farms heats its Delta facilities with methane from local landfills.)”

[COMMENTARY]  Many ethical and sustainable investors will want to review this list for companies that might interest them! From experience, the company rankings by Corporate Knights are terrific.
Canada’s 50 fastest-growing green companies of 2023, by Rick Spence, June 1, 2023, Corporate Knights, Canada.

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