Moving to Clean Energy–Will It Take a War?

Moving to Clean Energy–Will It Take a War?

“Despite the urgency coming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a transition from fossil fuels to clean energy cannot happen without first having acceptable alternatives, says Richard Ottinger, dean emeritus of Elizabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University. Solar and wind installations must be built first, and transmission lines. No country would accept the economic disruption of premature action on abandoning fossil fuels, he says.”

[COMMENTARY]To plan and build for a clean energy future wherein we’re able to stay within that 1.5-degree threshold, requires the kind of expenditures that governments — and their taxpayers — globally will not willingly make. However, should the Russian-Ukrainian war persist, that could change as fossil-fuel energy prices remain highly elevated.

Furthermore, I believe the public needs to accept very, very high fossil-fuel energy prices as the price to pay for a low carbon future.
Moving to Clean Energy–Will It Take a War? By Richard Ottinger, April 15, 2022, Bloomberg Law, USA.

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