The Social Purpose Transition Pathway.

The Social Purpose Transition Pathway.

“The purpose of this project is to assess the degree to which companies with a stated social purpose are governing, implementing, and disclosing progress on their purpose. This is the first Social Purpose Rating in the world focused on implementation…

Out of an initial sample of 197 businesses with headquarters or significant operations in Canada, only 34 met the gateway criteria of having a stated purpose that creates value for society, rather than solely for shareholders or customers, putting them ahead of most of their peers and competitors regardless of their placement in this rating exercise.”

[COMMENTARY]Corporate Knights et al, have created a terrific new way of determining the value of ‘S’ in ESG, in Canadian companies. There’s a listing of companies that all ethical and sustainable investors will want to review.
The Social Purpose Transition Pathway, by Corporate Knights et al, March 2022, Canada.

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