Millennial Investors Want Perks and ESG Investing.

Millennial Investors Want Perks and ESG Investing.

"The latest Spectrem Group report, ’Millennial and Generation X Investors,’ suggests these two generations are significantly more attuned to socially responsible investing than their older counterparts.

In fact, survey results show more than half of Millennial investors (52%) see the social responsibility of their investments as an important selection criteria, compared with less than 30% of WWII-era investors and 42% of Gen X investors.

The study also reveals that almost a third of Millennial investors (29%) expect their financial adviser to reward them with gifts or other favors in exchange for their recurring business."

[COMMENTARY] It’s fascinating the degree to which millennial investors want perks from their advisors! The rest of the survey’s findings continue to reinforce the fact that millennials are much more interested in ESG investing than other generations.
Millennial Investors Want Perks and ESG Investing, by John Manganaro, January 18, 2018, Plan Advisor, USA.

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