Clearing the Deck For ESG Integration.

Clearing the Deck For ESG Integration.

"Advisors are rapidly running out of excuses to avoid, environmental, social and governance investing (ESG)… A recent survey by State Street, voluminously titledThe Investing Enlightenment: How Principle and Pragmatism Can Create Sustainable Value through ESG, casts light on the increasing client demand of ESG investments and financial viability of integrating ESG factors into active investment strategies.

It questioned almost 600 institutional investors and 750 individual investors about incorporating ESG factors into investing and business decisions. In doing so, it also identified a single major sticking point preventing widespread acceptance of ESG analytics — ’a lack of transparent, standardized and quality data.’"

[COMMENTARY] This article is a great, brief read on the results of an important and extensive study by Robert Eccles (Chairman, Arabesque Partners) and Mirtha Kastrapeli (Head of Sustainable Investment Research, State Street). There are some surprising statistics in their study for the responsible-ethical investment industry to digest!
Clearing the Deck For ESG Integration, by David H. Lenok, March 27, 2017, Wealth Management, USA.

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