ESG-oriented millennials may have too-high hopes.

ESG-oriented millennials may have too-high hopes.

"Citing the 2016 Schroders Global Investors Survey, Waterman told attendees at the ALFI European Asset Management Conference that investors aged 35 and under expected an average of 10.2% per year in returns, compared to a global stock market performance of 3.75% at the time of the survey…

Waterman noted a general trend toward ’short-termism’ as investors planned to hold their investments for an average of just 3.2 years. Among all respondents, just 18% said they would hold their investment for more than five years. Zero in on millennials, and the statistic shrinks to just 8%, while 41% said they would invest for under a year."

[COMMENTARY] Despite all the good things being said about millennials interest in ESG-focused investing, their expectations on investment returns and holding periods are troubling.
ESG-oriented millennials may have too-high hopes, by Leo Almazora, March 24, 2017, Wealth Professional, Canada.

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