The Humankind 100 list.

The Humankind 100 list.

“The Humankind 100 companies are ranked based onHumankind Value, a proprietary metric that provides an estimate of the overall dollar amount a company creates for investors, consumers, employees, and society at large, and are therefore among the most ethical companies in the United States, according to our research.”

[COMMENTARY]Though Humankind purports a unique methodology, they arrive at pretty much the same companies as most other ‘best ESG’ lists. Nonetheless, they have an interesting concept that will appeal to many ethical and sustainable investors.
The Humankind 100 list, by
Humankind, October 2022.

The Importance of Corporate Political Responsibility. “Engaging on political policy requires courage when it goes against industry dogma.”

[COMMENTARY]The article promotes the concept of corporate political responsibility (CPR). A broader look at how companies should interface with the political environment. This is of interest to ethical and sustainable investors.
The Importance of Corporate Political Responsibility, by Andrew Winston, Elizabeth Doty, and Thomas Lyon, October 24, 2022, MIT Sloan Management Review, USA.

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