The Politics of Values-Based Investing.

The Politics of Values-Based Investing.

We do not expect the controversy about ESG investing to disappear anytime soon. Much of it is healthy, such as correcting for excessive claims that an ESG fund ‘will make the world a better place’ when there is no demonstrable way to show that it will.

Conservatives who complain that ESG investing is a way of forcing a social and environmental agenda on companies that has nothing to do with company profitability, perhaps even hurting it, need to look in the mirror if they are creating anti-ESG funds of their own. This is simply swapping out one set of values for another. Both are forms of Socially Responsible Investing.”

[COMMENTARY]This is an excellent article by someone at the pinnacle of academia who studies corporate ESG and sustainability performance.
The Politics of Values-Based Investing, by Robert G. Eccles and Jill E. Fisch, September 7, 2022, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, USA.

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