The False Promise of ESG.

The False Promise of ESG.

“But do ESG ratings really deliver on the promise? Are highly-ranked ESG businesses really more caring of the environment, more selective of the societies in which they operate, and more focused on countries with good corporate governance?

In short, is ESG really good? The answer is no. We demonstrate this by focusing on a group of companies that are now at the center of the world’s attention: businesses with substantial operations in Russia.”

[COMMENTARY]The title is misleading and only appropriate in a narrow sense. It’s appropriate to European-based high ESG performing companies with operations in Russia. However, I acknowledge and am concerned about how ESG company measures are determined of subsidiaries in developing countries.
The False Promise of ESG, by Jurian Hendrikse et al, March 16, 2022, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, USA.

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