2021 RIA (Canada) Investor Opinion Survey.

2021 RIA (Canada) Investor Opinion Survey.

“While 77% of respondents said they want their financial services provider to inform them about responsible investments that are aligned with their values, only 27% said they had ever been asked if they were interested. About one-third of respondents said they currently own responsible investments, similar to last year.”

[COMMENTARY]This is a problem I’ve been concerned with since I began in the investment industry over 50 years ago. It goes back to how the ‘know-your-client’ rule is legally interpreted.

I believe it’s the major financial institutions that have never wanted to include the understanding of a client’s personal values applied in this rule. Canada’s RIA is lobbying to get this changed. They now have the backing of many Canadian financial heavyweights, so perhaps it’ll finally be changed!
2021 RIA (Canada) Investor Opinion Survey, December 8, 2021, RIA (Canada).

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