Clients more open to advice on ESG investing.

Clients more open to advice on ESG investing.

"According to Legg Mason′s Global Investment Survey, advised investors are more than twice as likely to choose companies or funds according to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors (50 per cent versus 18 per cent DIY investors).

The survey found that more than three-quarters of advised investors said they would like to move money into funds that take ESG considerations into account when selecting securities.

Further, 54 per cent of investors said they avoid businesses with controversial track records, and 89 per cent of investors believe that fund managers should actively ’police’ companies they invest in to ensure they are acting responsibly."

[COMMENTARY]Yes, another study illustrating the importance of advisors in promoting ESG investing to their clients. I wonder about the number of fund managers actually ’policing’ their investments though!
Clients more open to advice on ESG investing, by Adrian Flores, December 21, 2018, IFA, Australia.

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