The 2018 [Canadian] RIA Investor Opinion Survey.

The 2018 [Canadian] RIA Investor Opinion Survey.

"Based on an Ipsos poll of 800 individual investors in Canada, found that 80% of respondents are concerned about climate change and the environment. It also found most investors view climate change as a financial issue: 70% of respondents believe climate change will have negative financial impacts on companies in some industries within the next five years, and 79% believe this to be true within twenty years…

66% of respondents said they would like a portion of their portfolio to be invested in companies that are providing solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges."

[COMMENTARY]The survey this year appears to be focused on Canadian investor attitudes concerning their investing around climate change. Also, it illustrates how worries about climate change have induced large numbers of investors to think about sustainable-ethical investing. However, the bottleneck for many of them acting on their beliefs (see below) are their advisors.
The 2018 [Canadian] RIA Investor Opinion Survey, press release, December 6, 2018, RIA Canada, Canada.

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