Education ‘main barrier′ to engaging in responsible investing.

Education ‘main barrier′ to engaging in responsible investing.

"The survey [by First State Investments and research firm Kepler Cheuvreux], which assessed the attitudes of more than 400 millennials globally about SRI, found that while more than four in five (81%) would be interested in investing in socially responsible or sustainable investment products, a similar proportion (82%) believe more education is needed to drive interest in SRI. Almost half (49%) of those surveyed currently have investments, but despite the apparent interest in responsible investing, just 9% currently invest in a fund focused on sustainability issues."

[COMMENTARY]Several things stand out from this survey. The first is that most millennials aren’t, yet, investing in SRI, or even investing generally. Secondly, they know little about SRI. Thirdly, the majority prefer "digitisation, including digital investment platforms and live chat functions" as a means by which to invest.Also, being an online questionnaire might induce a bias to the results. Furthermore, for many parts of the world, SRI is virtually unknown with few products to invest in. The referenced study, publishedhere, does not provide a geographic breakdown.

It’s clear that millennials are still a largely untapped market for SRI/ESG/ethical investment products.
Education ‘main barrier′ to engaging in responsible investing, by Robbie Lawther, November 29, 2018, International Advisor, UK.

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