Integrated Reporting: The South African Experience.

Integrated Reporting: The South African Experience.

"Few countries can claim that integrated reporting (IR) is common among domestic companies. An exception is South Africa, with many listed and public organizations having produced integrated reports for over six years. The emergence of IR as the dominant form of corporate reporting in South Africa has produced a significant number of internal and external benefits for the companies that have adopted it."

[COMMENTARY] I’ve been observing and writing about the development of ESG and IR in South Africa for some time.(SeeEthical Investing Shines in Africa As Economy Grows, June 18, 2010.)

This CPA Journal article illustrates the benefits of IR to companies and investors. Hopefully, South Africa’s beneficial experience with IR will hasten its adoption globally.
Integrated Reporting: The South African Experience, by Leigh Georgia Roberts, July 2017, The CPA Journal, USA.

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