This Man Will Purify Your Portfolio.

This Man Will Purify Your Portfolio.

"Portfolios were far from [Michael] Jantzi’s ambitions when he landed degrees from Canadian universities in economics and international affairs. He was going to help humanity via a career in the foreign service. But those jobs were scarce. He was partway through the process of getting licensed in securities sales when he had a revelation. If he must sell out to Wall Street, why not feed its less avaricious appetites? He would do research on ethical investing."

[COMMENTARY] This is a terrific overview of the career to-date of Michael Jantzi, one of the world’s true pioneers in ethical investing and presently CEO of Sustainalytics, a global leader in ESG ratings.

Under Mr. Jantzi’s direction, Sustainalytics has recently made a great breakthrough in bringing their individual ESG company ratings directly to the investor through Scotia iTRADE, the large Canadian discount broker. It’s likely only a matter of time before many more brokers offer this service and the retail public finally has direct inexpensive access to quality individual company ESG ratings and research.
This Man Will Purify Your Portfolio, by William Baldwin, April 3, 2017, Forbes, USA.

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