How to solve the imbalance in ESG investing.

How to solve the imbalance in ESG investing.

"Investors are actively demanding more information about different components of environmental, social and governance investments. As evidence of this, S&P Dow Jones Indices, one of the world′s largest index providers and a division of S&P Global, acquired Trucost Plc, a carbon and environmental data provider, in October.

During a GreenBiz 17 program Wednesday, Dmitri Sedov, vice president of innovation and digital strategy at S&P Global, said the acquisition of Trucost will help solve a gap between the demand for sustainable investing and the supply of these investments."

[COMMENTARY] We see many of the pioneer organizations associated with ethical-ESG investing being acquired by mainstream investment industry behemoths. In time, we will see if these hookups truly benefit investors. Superficially, this deal appears promising for ethical-ESG investors.
How to solve the imbalance in ESG investing, by Keith Larsen, February 16, 2017, GreenBiz, USA.

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