2007 Editors Choice

Ethical Investing

IMCA Journal of Investment Consulting Publishes New Paper on Socially Responsible Investments, November 7, 2007, Marketwire.com, USA.

Ethical Fund comparison | HL’s ethical fund comparison tool, Hargreaves and Lansdown, UK.

First Annual Corporate Knights Ranking of Canadian Cleantech, 2007, Corporate Knights, Canada.

Five religious-based mutual funds that keep the faith, by Murray Coleman, October 28, 2007, MarketWatch, USA.

The Subprime Meltdown and SRI: Engage, Avoid, Predict, by Bill Baue, September 12, 2007, SocialFunds.com, USA.

ETFs for Clean Energy Fans, by Vaughan Scully, August 27, 2007, appeared on Businessweek.com; source Standard & Poor’s, USA.

Investors reap ethical rewards, by Hilary Osborne, August 29, 2007, Guardian Unlimited, UK.

Top 20 companies: Climate change leaders show the way, by Mike Scott, July 26, 2007, Climate Change Corp.com, USA.

Introducing GS SUSTAIN, Goldman Sachs, USA. (Top sustainability companies according to Goldman Sachs.)

The Price of Ethics: Evidence from Socially Responsible Mutual Funds, by Luc Renneboog, Jenke ter Horst, Chendi Zhang, published by the Social Science Research Network.

THOMSON EXTEL AND THE UK SOCIAL INVESTMENT FORUM ANNOUNCE RESULTS OF THE SRI & SUSTAINABILITY SURVEY, June 29, 2007, UK. (Analyzes the ethical investing research capabilities of investment banks and stock-brokerages.)

Socially Responsible Investing With ETFs, by Eleanor Laise, July 8, 2007, The Wall Street Journal online, USA.

DC Plans & SRI in the USA, June 5, 2007, Mercer Investment Consulting, USA.

Green Leaders: A guide to the world’s greenest companies, by Karen Attwood, June 1, 2007, The Independent, UK.

Smart money pours into ethical funds, by Tom Stevenson, May 11, 2007, Telegraph.co.uk., UK.

2007 World’s Most Ethical Companies, May, 2007, Ethisphere Magazine, USA.

Global Warming may affect nearly two thirds of active investors’ investment decisions, March 14, 2007, The Association of Investment Companies, UK.

Canadian Socially Responsible Investment Review 2006, March 2007, Social Investment Organization, Canada. See also, Social investment assets soar, by Tavia Grant, March 22, 2007, The Globe & Mail, Canada.

Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by the Largest Listed Companies in Eleven Central and Eastern European (CEE) Countries; Second-Time Comparison with Peers in BRIC and Ukraine, May 8, 2007, CSRwire.com, USA.

SRI screens have little impact on returns: study by Steven Lamb, March 12, 2007, Advisor.ca, Canada.

100 Best [US] Corporate Citizens 2007, by Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO), February 15, 2007.

The Global 100: Role models in sustainable business practices, by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, appearing in Business Week, January 29, 2007.

European Oil Companies: ’Climate Change’ is Corporate Social Responsibility Job No. 1’, by www.innovations-report.com January 18, 2007.

F&C Investments (UK) reveals insatiable public appetite for ethical stocks and bonds, January 11, 2007.

Regarding Environmental Sustainability &
Social Performance in Business

Free online ethical company monitor is launched, by Helen Warrell, November 14, 2007, Third Sector, UK.

The Six Sins of Greenwashing, November 2007, TerraChoice, USA.

Carbon Beta & Equity Performance: An Empirical Analysis, October 2007, Innovest Strategic Advisors, Canada.

Car makers – who′s the greenest? October 3, 2007, ClimateChangeCorp.com, UK.

The climate change industry takes root, October 31, 2007, Ethical Corporation and ClimateChange.com, UK.

US firms fall behind Europe in ethical standards, says Eiris, by Sean O’Grady, September 15, 2007, The Independent, UK.

Barrick Gold named to Dow Jones Sustainability Index, September, 7, 2007, CNN Money, USA.

Leave Only Footprints: Measuring and Managing Corporate Carbon Emissions, by Bill Baue with Francesca Rheannon, September 4, 2007, SocialFunds.com, USA.

23 Organizations Issue Joint Report Critiquing Wal-Mart′s Sustainability Initiatives, September 6, 2007, Natural Newswire, USA.

Named and shamed: City’s ethical dunces, by Ruth Sunderland, Heather Stewart and Zoe Wood, September 2, 2007, The Observer, UK.

Social Responsibility, May, 2007, International Standards Association.

NRDC Advances Regulation of Nanotechnology to Protect Human Health, May 16, 2007, NRDC, USA.

Value remains main concern of consumers, by James Harding, March 28, 2007, Timesonline, UK.

Sundance Channel Creates Advisory Committee for THE GREEN(TM), presented by Robert Redford. Weekly environmental programming block launches April 17, 2007, PR Newswire, February 15, 2007.

In the War for Talent, Good Companies with Corporate Social Responsibility Policies, Finish First, CSRwire.com, January 21, 2007.

Spiritually Related & Spirituality Information

Faiths will use their billions to back ethical business, by November 14, 2007, Ekklesia, UK.

New survey says people think Britain is in moral decline and religion could help, September 7, 2007, Ekklesia, UK.

Can This Black Box See Into the Future?
A global team, coordinated by Princeton University scientists, determine the possible physics of a ’collective consciousness.’ Their ’black box’ has proved remarkably prescient.

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