May 2008 Newsletter

May 2008 Newsletter

News & Commentaries by Ron Robins

————————————————————- Publishes List Of Ten Eco-Innovators To Watch. [COMMENTARY]The list includes some well-known names — GE, Google and BASF — and some not so well known names. Green investors might spot some new areas to look at by reviewing this list.
Ten eco-innovators to watch, by Zara Maung, May 7, 2008,, UK.

84% Of Companies Show Improvement On ClimateCounts Scoreboard. [COMMENTARY]This is their second year in ranking companies on climate change policies and activities. If you are interested in green stocks that are good to invest in — you might get some useful ideas by searching this scoreboard and understanding the company rankings.
Climate Counting More with Consumer Companies, press release, May 7, 2008, USA. To view actual company scores, seeClimate Counts Company Scorecard,, USA.

Calvert Rates US Homebuilders Green Credentials. [COMMENTARY]None are really green builders, but KB Home, Pulte, and D.R. Horton are rated best among the leaders in endeavouring to be more green. It is tricky finding green building stocks that are good to invest in.
None of America’s Largest Homebuilders is Fully Green in Environmental and Sustainable Practices, But KB Home Ranks Highest, May 6, 2008, Calvert Funds press release, USA.

Study: Companies Investing In States Deemed ’Terrorist’ Have Poor Returns. [COMMENTARY]“Companies with links to regimes with questionable human rights practices make poor investments, financially as well as ethically… Conducted with Bloomberg by the Genocide Intervention Network, a private group based in the United States, and its Sudan Divestment Task Force project, the study will most likely bolster the growing clamor
among investors for socially responsible policies and investment vehicles.”
Hopefully, the study stands-up to statistical scrutiny. It will be good to have some real data supporting that investing in terrorist, dominated jurisdictions, is not so good financially. When the study is released on May 27 it will draw a lot of new attention and possibly more funds into ethical investing.
Sudan divestment campaigns gain momentum, by Holly Hubbard Preston, May 23, 2008, International Herald Tribune, France.

F&C: 88% In Survey Say It’s Important That Companies Act Responsibly In Regard To Environmental, Social & Governance Issues (ESG). [COMMENTARY]Commenting on this survey, F&C says that London’s financial firms are missing out on a great opportunity by not promoting ethical investing. The survey clearly demonstrates the potential for ethical stocks and bonds in the UK.
City’s only ’scratching the surface’ of ethical investment, May 26, 2008, Fair Investment Company, UK.

UK Teens: 85% Want Firms They Invest In To Not Harm The Environment. [COMMENTARY]The future for green investing in the UK is decidedly promising as its teen population espouses enormous support for the environment. This article also says that teens are heavily influencing their parents in their investment choices in favouring ethical investments.
Teens boost demand for ethical investors, May 19, 2008,, UK.

KPMG: Climate Change Risks Underestimated In Many Sectors. [COMMENTARY]Areas such as transportation, tourism, aviation, healthcare, the financial sector, and the oil and gas industries scored high on risks but low on preparedness. Thus they are prone to significant financial shocks. Ethical investors may want to re-evaluate their holdings in these sectors.
Climate change risks tend to be underestimated – survey, by Christy van der Merwe, May 22, 2008,Engineering News, South Africa.

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