September 2007 Newsletter

September 2007 Newsletter

News & Commentaries by Ron Robins


World’s 20 Top Sustainable Companies For 2007 – According To & KLD. – [COMMENTARY] This is a list worth checking-out if you are looking for the best ethical stocks and bonds. The article is published in the Fall, 2007 issue of the GreenMoney Journal. There are many other good articles to read on the GreenMoney site too.
Twenty Diverse Companies Make the Sustainability Cut, by Anne Moore Odell,, in the GreenMoney Journal, Fall 2007, USA.

Banking Ethics. Banks With Huge Losses Expect & Get Public Bail-Outs! – [COMMENTARY] The Bank of England’s bailout of Northern Rock, the European Central Bank’s and US Federal Reserve’s massive injections of money into the banking system, all show that banks can get away with massive speculative losses with full knowledge that they will be bailed-out by public institutions! What other businesses can expect the same treatment? Banks have the public by the throat – and they know it. The writer of this article, Philip Stephens, is an expert on the UK financial scene. He argues that the irresponsible ethics of banks and other financial players will now be emboldened further with an increase in moral hazard and much more difficult times to come.
The Bank loses a game of chicken, by Philip Stephens, September 21, 2007, The Financial Times, UK.

LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) Market Booms In Asia – Far Surpassing US. – [COMMENTARY] Over 30% of Japanese buy LOHAS related products and services, such as “… alternative transportation (e.g. bicycles and hybrid cars), energy-efficient electronics and appliances, renewable energy, green building and industrial goods, eco-friendly household products, natural and organic foods and beverages (e.g. macrobiotics), natural personal care products, alternative healthcare (e.g. aromatherapy), vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, eco-tourism and travel, and socially responsible investing.” See blog link below for details.
The LOHASIAN: International Perspectives: LOHAS Japan, September 13, 2007, Japan.

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Research Predicted Subprime Meltdown. – [COMMENTARY] This article by Bill Baue shows how discriminating research by ethical investing researchers such asInnovest Strategic Advisors were aware of the forthcoming subprime mortgage meltdown well before it became a problem. What this story also shows is a collapse of an ethical business environment.
The Subprime Meltdown and SRI: Engage, Avoid, Predict, by Bill Baue, September 12, 2007,, USA.

A Worldview Of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). – [COMMENTARY]Tessa Tennant, a real pioneer in socially responsible investment and ethical investing offers her insights into SRI around the world – and where she believes it is heading in the future.
Socially Responsible Investing Around The World, by Tessa Tennant, September 10, 2007, Environmental News Network (ENN), USA.

The Measuring Of Corporate Carbon Footprints. – [COMMENTARY]This is a good two-part article on the subject that any green investor or those interested in ethical investing, should read.
Leave Only Footprints: Measuring and Managing Corporate Carbon Emissions, by Bill Baue with Francesca Rheannon, September 4, 2007,, USA.

Asians Nations Desire To Legislate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). – [COMMENTARY]Malaysia and Indonesia are leading the charge to legislate CSR for both domestic and foreign corporations operating in their countries. I agree that labour, environmental laws, etc., should be established. However, it is really the quality of a nation’s collective consciousness that governs business activity and its overall wellbeing. That to me is where the focus ought to be. In other words, it is individuals who from the depths of their beingfeel to do good, not only for themselves, but for all others too, that counts. You can have all the laws you want, but if an individual is uncaring towards others and inherently ’unlawful’, the laws will not do much to avert bad things from happening. I truly believe that there are spiritual laws of financial prosperity.
Responsibility initiatives … Indonesia and Malaysia are open for business ethics, Rajesh Chhabara, September 7, 2007, Ethical Corporation, UK.

Organizations Critique Wal-Mart – [COMMENTARY]According to this report, Wal-Mart’s goal of reducing their green house gas emissions by five million tons annually, is less than one-fortieth of its annual output! It is good to look at hard numbers concerning environmental and social issues when looking for the best socially responsible stocks to invest in. Furthermore, I have long argued that all medium and large sized companies that produce sustainability reports, etc., be legally required to have them independently audited. Only then can we have some assurance that these reports are not just PR.
23 Organizations Issue Joint Report Critiquing Wal-Mart′s Sustainability Initiatives, September 6, 2007, Natural Newswire, USA.

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