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  • June 2011

    Russian Stock Exchange Working On A Sustainability Index. – [COMMENTARY] “On June 27, 2011 a visiting meeting of representatives from…Continue readingJune 2011

  • May 2011

    New Corporate ESG Asia Rankings. – [COMMENTARY] “Research and advisory firm RepuTex has launched the first service that rates the…Continue readingMay 2011

  • April 2011

    Ernst & Young Report Shows Increasing Number Of CSR Related Shareholder Resolutions. – [COMMENTARY] “The report tracks a nearly 40…Continue readingApril 2011

  • March 2011

    Investors With $546 billion In Assets Lobby US Senate To Allow The Environmental Protection Agency To Regulate Greenhouse Gases. –…Continue readingMarch 2011

  • February 2011

    Deutsche Bank Releases Climate Change Investing Report. – [COMMENTARY] “A DB Climate Change Advisors (DBCCA) report released today, ’Investing in…Continue readingFebruary 2011

  • January 2011

    UNEP Finance Initiative Issues Study On Passive Responsible Investing. – [COMMENTARY] “The following report presents eight case studies that demonstrate…Continue readingJanuary 2011

  • December 2010

    Bombay Stock Exchange To Launch Shariah-Compliant Stock Index. – [COMMENTARY] “The Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE) and Taqwaa Advisory and…Continue readingDecember 2010

  • November 2010

    Ethical Funds Performed Better than Non-Ethical Funds In Downturn Says Study. – [COMMENTARY] “the results indicated that the ethical funds are…Continue readingNovember 2010

  • October 2010

    Nokia, Sony & Philips Ranked Greenest By Greenpeace. Apple Falls to 9th; HP Rises to 4th. – [COMMENTARY] No doubt…Continue readingOctober 2010

  • September 2010

    California Requiring Companies To Disclose Supply Chain Policies. – [COMMENTARY] “SB 657 requires major retail sellers and manufacturers doing business…Continue readingSeptember 2010

  • August 2010

    Survey Shows Both Consumers & Company Executives Not Buying Corporate Green Messages. – [COMMENTARY] “The corporate sector has gone to…Continue readingAugust 2010

  • July 2010

    New Corporate Sustainability Reporting Platform Proposed. – [COMMENTARY] “The 88-page From Transparency to Performance: Industry-Based Sustainability Reporting on Key Issues…Continue readingJuly 2010

  • June 2010

    86% Of Charity Supporters Less Likely To Give If Charities Do Not Invest ’Responsibly.’ – [COMMENTARY] “Eighty-six per cent would…Continue readingJune 2010

  • May 2010

    70% Of Executives Say Climate Change Initiative Spending In Their Companies To Increase in 2010-2012. – [COMMENTARY] “Executives are acting…Continue readingMay 2010

  • April 2010

    Green Confidence Index Shows US Shoppers More Upbeat About Green Products & Services. – [COMMENTARY] “The Index, which is derived…Continue readingApril 2010

  • March 2010

    Consumers Continue To Prioritize Social Responsibility Across Business Sectors, Despite Recession. – [COMMENTARY] “The second annual Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions…Continue readingMarch 2010

  • February 2010

    Social Investment Organization (SIO) Produces Canadian Guide To Socially Responsible Mutual Fund Companies. – [COMMENTARY] “All of the firms listed…Continue readingFebruary 2010

  • January 2010

    How You Invest. – [COMMENTARY] “YOU′RE likely to feel more confident about the economy when your political party is in…Continue readingJanuary 2010

  • December 2009

    UK Fair Trade Up Thirty Times In Ten Years. – [COMMENTARY] “Fairtrade grew more than any other sector of virtuous goods in the…Continue readingDecember 2009

  • November 2009

    Thomson Reuters Buys ASSET4, The Swiss Based ESG Research Powerhouse. – [COMMENTARY] “The global credit crisis, climate change, new regulation and other issues…Continue readingNovember 2009