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Ethical Investing – Finding Investments Reflecting Your Values (3 hours)
Purpose: Learn how to find, research and assess stocks that are good to invest in and that reflect your personal values. You will learn how to optimize the use of the web, as well as online library and broker services. No financial skills required.
Learn more…For investment professionals and firms wanting to offer this workshop to their clients/staff, a special variation of the above workshop is offered. Learn more…For companies interested in offering this workshop to their managers/employees, a customized version of this workshop is also offered. Please Contact Us…
Typical comments of past workshop participants —“If you are sincerely concerned about where your investment money is actually going, this is the workshop for you.”
— Fred Herscovitch,
    artist and writer
This workshop will help you bridge your inner spiritual being with the commercial world we navigate through.”
— John Burns, MBA, CFP,
     Chartered Financial
“The workshop was very inspiring and informative. It opens a new horizon to investors who want to experience humane and spiritual values through their investments.”
— Shirin Mohaghegh,
    Administrative Assistant
Successful Investing Demands Higher Spiritual Consciousness (3 hours)
Purpose: this 3-hour workshop explains why gaining higher spiritual consciousness is critical to investing for superior profits and personal fulfillment. It also provides tools about how to evaluate the usefulness of the many types of meditation, prayer and relaxation techniques to help fulfill your goals. Learn more…