Refund Policies

Workshops, Seminars, & Tutorials: Money-Back Guarantee
Terms, Conditions & Refund Procedure

Note: Workshops, Seminars, & Tutorials below are referred to as an ’event’ or ’events.

At Investing for the Soul, we do everything possible to ensure participants a fully satisfying and rewarding event experience. Hence, we offer a money-back guarantee, subject to the terms, conditions and refund procedure as outlined below.

Terms & Conditions

An event participant (hereinafter referred to as ‘participant′) may claim a full refund of fees paid providing the following conditions are met.

1) The participant′s payment to Ron Robins or Investing for the Soul has been cleared into our bank account.

2) That the participant attended all required sessions, both arriving on time and not departing before the end of all event sessions, and that they did not cause discomfort or difficulties for other event participants, or interfere with the conduct of the event generally.

3) That the participant did not extend time allotted for breaks beyond the stated scheduled time allowed for such breaks.

Refund Procedure

4) That Ron Robins receives the refund request by mail or email within 14 days of the end of the event(s). Request must state:

  • a) Participant′s name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • b) Full dates, times and location of event(s).
  • c) Name and address to whom refund is payable.
  • d) That they attended all relevant sessions, and met the conditions as setout in points 2) and 3) above.
  • e) And state that they believe the knowledge and information gained in the event will not benefit their investment decisions now, or at any time in the future.

5) A refund for the full event fee – less an amount for meals, if so included in the event fee – will be made to the participant within 14 days upon receipt of the refund request.

Please note:

6. No refund requests can be entertained either during or at end of the event. Refund requests must follow above procedure.

7. Above terms, conditions and refund procedure are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation/Refund Policies

1. Cancellation by registrant. If cancelled prior to event date, you may receive credit towards a future event, or receive a refund of the amount you paid (and cleared in our account) less a $10 cancellation fee and an amount for meals, if any, that we might be liable for. There is no refund if cancellation occurs on day of event.

2. Cancellation by Investing for the Soul. If cancelled prior to the event date, you may receive credit towards a future event, or receive a refund of the amount you paid (and cleared in our account). Please note that we cannot accept liability for any travel, accommodation or other costs that a potential event participant might incur due to our cancellation.

If an event has to be postponed due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control, it is up to our discretion as to whether or not refunds are issued.

A refund, due to a cancellation, will be made to a prospective participant within 21 days after the event date.

We withhold the right to decline the registration and/or attendance of anyone to an event.

Also, we reserve the right to change course locations, schedules, fees and event leader/facilitator where necessary.