Portfolio Audit Service

Portfolio Audit Service

This one-of-a-kind service helps the licensed investment professional create portfolios that reflect the personal values of clients.

Please note though, that our personal values-based assessments are not to be construed as investment opinions.

Here is how it works:

  • We send you a simple questionnaire, asking questions about the personal values you or your client want reflected in the portfolio.
  • You send us back the completed questionnaire and a list of the portfolio holdings.
  • We send back to you our findings, commenting on how closely, or not, these investments reflect the personal values given to us.
  • If you or your client desire additional assistance in locating companies that may better marry with the personal values provided, then please engage our Companies Research Service. (For samples of our research work see Whole Foods Market, Inc. and Lifepoint Hospitals Inc.)

For fees and more details, please call 289-271-0873 or request information by using our Contact Us form.