PODCAST: Best ESG Funds for Responsible Investing

Best ESG funds for responsible investing from Kiplinger. The review is written by Coryanne Hicks. Her picks include equity, fixed income and balanced funds. What individual sustainable stocks might be good to look at for a post-pandemic recovery. Our friend Tim Nash at Corporate Knights favours Unilever and Cisco. has been thinking about that too… Listen or Read

PODCAST: Pandemic’s ESG Stock Market Leaders

ESG Stock Market Leaders in pandemic. See the individual stocks and ETFs! Singapore’s pandemic success offers potential sustainable investing profits. Energy stocks to buy? McCormick & Company and Northland Power are ESG stocks that benefit whilst pandemic continues, says Tim Nash. Analyst recommendations from Zacks, The Motley Fool, InvestorPlace, Singapore Business, Corporate Knights and ccmarkets… Listen or Read

PODCAST: More Sustainable Investing Ideas

Change Healthcare, Hannon Armstrong, Plug Power, Brookfield Renewable Partners, are among the more sustainable investing ideas covered in this podcast. Listen to find out more. Ethical and sustainable investors need to go beyond company ESG ratings. They need to especially consider what components of ESG are truly ‘material’ to a company’s operational and financial performance… Listen or Read

PODCAST: Sustainable Investments Making Our World Better. More…

BlackRock launches sustainable investing fund supporting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Areas it invests in include sustainable food, clean energy, affordable housing, and public health. Tom Lydon promotes the Global X Conscious Companies ETF, reflecting the Concinnity Conscious Companies Index emphasizing ESG and focuses on customers, suppliers, stock & debt holders, local communities, and employees. More… Listen or Read

PODCAST: ESG Funds, Stocks. Opportunities in Downturn.

ESG funds, stocks, outperforming their ‘conventional’ counterparts in markets’ downturn. Several analysts believe now is a good time to buy these stocks and funds. See which ones they recommend! Investors should also consider artificial intelligence and infrastructure stocks too. With companies reducing or eliminating dividends, one dividend-paying socially responsible stock comes highly regarded. And More… Listen or Read

PODCAST: ESG Funds Outperform in Market Downturn. And more…

ESG funds outperform in market downturn according to research by Bloomberg and Morningstar! One big reason is they are big on tech: the FANG’s – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix; and Alphabet (Google). Consumers spending more time at home due to COVID-19 are buying and using the products and services of these companies. Other news covered… Listen or Read

PODCAST: Stocks, Bonds, Funds for Climate Change. More…

Covered are some of the best stocks, bonds, funds for climate change action and remediation. The picks come from great ESG, renewable energy and infrastructure analysts at Kiplinger, The Motley Fool and Zacks. Also, what’s one of the best renewable energy dividend stocks? Want to know the best gun-free funds to invest in America? More… Listen or Read

PODCAST: Little-Known Sustainable Stocks with Potential. And More…

These little-known sustainable stocks offer great potential. Hydrogen sees bright future. Participate with this ETF. Good yields with yieldcos – which are renewable energy income-generating assets with steady income streams. The top ten holdings in ESG funds are Microsoft, Alphabet, Disney, Apple, Nvidia, Gilead Sciences, Clorox, V.F. Corporation, Lin Media, and Verisk Analytics.  And more… Listen or Read

PODCAST: Vegan Funds, Infrastructure, Utility Stocks. And More…

New coverage of US Vegan Climate ETF and Karner Blue Animal Impact Fund. The recent launch of LGBTQ100 ESG stock index is doing well. Prepare to pounce on exciting infrastructure stocks. Canadian sustainable utility stocks, attractive. 3 great alternative energy ETFs to buy as traditional energy ETFs lag. Renewable energy stocks for 2020. And more… Listen or Read

PODCAST: Top Sustainable Companies, Water Stocks. And More…

New top sustainable companies’ rankings: Corporate Knights’ 2020 Global 100 and CDP’s 179 ‘A’ list! More ESG and sustainable ETFs and stocks for 2020. Best water stocks in the Americas, large and small. The most highly rated funds for Canadians appear also in Corporate Knights and the Interactive Investor site for British investors. And more… Listen or Read