Company Research Service

Company Research Service for Investment Professionals

This service saves the licensed investment professional time and energy by having us do the research in finding companies that match a particular set of subjective or personal values. Such values might include those related to sustainability, ethics, ESG., and so forth. We provide company specific assessments and information related to the personal values that have been provided.

Please note though, that our personal values based assessments are not to be construed as investment opinions.

This service is offered in one of two ways, either:

1) BASIC SERVICE – we are asked to do some specific research on a company or industry.


2) COMPREHENSIVE SERVICE – we provide the client with a list of public companies in any specified industry that reflects a given set of subjective or personal values of interest to the client.

This is how the process works. (Please note we have guidelines and information to help the client at every step along the way.)

  • The client defines the values of interest to them. (Values might relate to sustainability, ethics, ESG, etc.). Then client selects the industries they are interested in.
  • We get back to the client with information of companies in those industries.
  • The client selects 2 or 3 companies in each industry.
  • We then do the research on those companies and forward to the client all relevant source and background information.
  • We show the client how to review the information we have provided with respect to the personal values given to us — using a unique tool called the “Robins Life-Benefiting Scale.” This provides a SUBJECTIVE quantitative measure for each company selected.

This is a unique service and to our knowledge is not offered anywhere else.

Generally, 2 to 4 hours of work is required for each company researched. Proposed length of time spent on research, total fees, and form of payment, are agreed upon with client before we commence work.

For samples of our work see Whole Foods Market, Inc. and Lifepoint Hospitals Inc.

For fees and more details, please call 289-271-0873 or request information by using our Contact Us form.