PODCAST: Etsy, Southwest Air, ESG Junk Bonds, and more…

Etsy, the growing online craft marketplace seen as great ESG stock. Southwest Airlines flies high on its sustainable practices. First ever ESG ‘junk bond’ ETF debuts. Seven renewable energy stock picks. Rising wind power trends of repowering and replacement of turbines offer exciting investing opportunities. New international faith-based ESG ETF launches with global appeal. More… Listen or Read

PODCAST: Kellogg’s ‘Beyond Meat,’ ESG Stock Tips, Ethical Pot Companies

(Note: my next podcast is August 2.) Kellogg has the most successful vegie burger, pressure begins for IPO. More ESG stock, fund, and portfolio tips. Abandon GE, buy Schneider Electric, says Tim Nash in his stock challenge. Pot companies plan to adopt ESG as they strive to be seen as responsible, ethical, and sustainable investments…. Listen or Read

PODCAST: Green Finance, ESG Credit Ratings, Best Sustainable-Ethical Indices!

My podcasts are planned every two weeks beginning March 16, 2019. This edition — actually published February 26 — is to test and obtain feedback from listeners on all aspects of its content and production. However, this podcast also contains great content! Included is a full transcript and links to all news covered and more!… Listen or Read