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Top ethical investing news for October 2008

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George Soros, Renowned Billionaire Investor, Sees Combating Climate Change & Green Investing As Way Out Of Global Economic Crises. - [COMMENTARY] In times like these it is good to have this kind of support for green investing from one of the world’s most successful investors. View this short PBS video and get inspired.
Can green investing save the global economy? October 15, 2008, 4entrepreneur, USA.

Responsible Investment Market To Be Mainstream By 2015, Reaching 15-20% Of Global Assets. - [COMMENTARY] This is another report saying that investment in ethical stocks and bonds is likely to grow significantly in the years ahead. As ethics in financial markets rises to the forefront of investor concerns, it is clear that the mainstream investment industry will have to embrace this trend.
RI will reach 15-20% of global asset management market: fund manager report, by Hugh Wheelan, October 28, 2008, Responsible Investor, UK. For the actual report, see Responsible Investing: A Paradigm Shift: From Niche to Mainstream, by booz&co, Netherlands.

Certified Financial Analyst’s (CFA) Institute Offers ESG Manual For Investors. - [COMMENTARY] The manual provides an environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework for investors analyzing companies.
ESG manual launched, by Giovanni Legorano, October 27, 2008, Global Pensions, UK. Click here for PDF version of the manual.

TIME Magazine Reports On US Religious Mutual Funds. - [COMMENTARY] This is worthwhile reading for ethical investors. It covers a number of key issues and addresses the performance of top religious funds.
Which Religion Picks the Best Stocks? By David Van Biena, October 25, 2008, TIME Magazine, USA.

72% Of Canadian Financial Advisors Say Investments Emphasizing Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Screens Will Become More Popular. - [COMMENTARY] "... nearly half of all advisors said their clients had initiated discussions about ESG investments." This survey by VenGrowth Asset Management Inc., continues to highlight the growing investor and advisor interest in funds that screen for ESG issues.
Growing Demand for "Green" Investments a Hot Topic for Canadian Financial Advisors: Criterion Investments Limited, October 23, 2008, press release by VenGrowth Asset Management Inc., Canada.

Canada’s Ethical Funds Posts Survey Results Of Investor Concerns & Actions It Seeks From Affected Companies. - [COMMENTARY] This is not only an interesting survey of what issues most concern Canadian ethical investors with regard to screening criteria, but also Ethical Funds provides the names of the companies it is in discussion with, what they are discussing with them, and how they rate the progress of those discussions. This is useful information for anyone looking for ethical stocks and bonds. To review the press release see: Ethical Funds Unveils 2009 Plan to Engage Major Corporations on Top Investor Concerns, October 22, 2008, on Yahoo, and see their list of companies and engagement activities at: Ethical Funds Focus List 2009. October 2008, Ethical Funds, Canada.

Shariah Finance: Its Ethics And Avoidance Of Excessive Risk. - [COMMENTARY] This article makes fascinating reading and provides insight as to how western finance, especially securitization, might benefit from the ethics and risk strategies inherent in Shariah finance. Securitized securities involving sub-prime mortgages, etc., are at the heart of the derivatives meltdown.
Could It happen here? October 19, 2008, Zawya.com, UAE.

Boston College & Reputation Institute Reveal Top 50 Companies That US Public Says Rank Best In Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). - [COMMENTARY] "Google, Campbell Soup, Johnson & Johnson top the 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility Index (CSRI)... Rounding out the top 10 are: Walt Disney, Kraft Foods, General Mills, Levi Strauss, UPS, Berkshire Hathaway and Microsoft." See the report, discussion, and rankings.
Perception of Corporate Responsibility Linked to Reputation, October 17, 2008, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, USA.

US Ethical Mutual Funds Online Screening Tool. - [COMMENTARY] Ethical fund investors in the US might fund this tool useful. It allows them to compare the different screens used by most US socially responsible mutual funds. Please note though, that you have to provide an email address and name in order to receive the information.
Mutual Fund Social Screen Tool, investedinterests, USA.

New Digital Book Describes Green Programs At Some 70 North American Companies, Including Apple, GAP, & Whole Foods. - [COMMENTARY] "The Vault Guide to Green Programs was released this week. The firm [vault.com] says the book can be highly useful to anyone considering environmentally friendly companies." Investors interested in green-ethical stocks and bonds, might want to see what’s in this book.
New Digital Book Profiles Green Programs at Apple, Gap, Other Firms, October 2, 2008, GreenBiz.com, USA.

Latest Editorial

We Need Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reporting.
ESG -- environmental, social and governance -- issues are essential in informing us about long-term opportunities and risks for individual companies. Therefore, CSR reporting should be as mandatory as audited financial statements. Importantly, this editorial also reviews the present state of CSR reporting around the world. More...

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