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Top ethical investing news stories for November 2007

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Investopedia.com Has A Comprehensive Feature On Green Investing. - [COMMENTARY] This is interesting reading for all US green investors.
Green Investing, by Investopedia.com, USA.

Report Evaluates Online Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Information Of Major Company Websites. - [COMMENTARY] Jungle Rating, internet consultants, has just evaluated about 50 corporate websites of some of the world’s largest companies in terms of their ability to accurately communicate their CSR efforts. It is often difficult to know if what you see on these sites is complete and accurate. Reading this report, it is large -- a PDF file of 7MB -- is quite a read.
Jungle Rating, Online Sustainability Research 2007, November, 2007, The Netherlands.

TerraChoice’s Guide To ’Greenwashing’. - [COMMENTARY] Do you wonder if the companies you invest in are really selling green products? Or are they simply adjusting their marketing message to provide an image of being green, that is, ’greenwashing.’ If you are looking for green stocks to invest in, you might want to check-out the products they produce according to TerraChoice’s six sins of greenwashing. TerraChoice examined over a thousand North American products with environmental claims.
The Six Sins of Greenwashing, November 2007, TerraChoice, USA.

For UK Ethical Investors, An Easy Way To See Which Ethical Funds Match Your Personal Values. - [COMMENTARY] Hargreaves and Lansdown have created a simple matching device for UK ethical investors. Simply ’tick’ the values that are important to you, and their computer will display to you online what funds use your criteria when selecting their investments.
Ethical Fund comparison | HL’s ethical fund comparison tool, Hargreaves and Lansdown, UK.

Big Interest In Renewable-Energy Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). - [COMMENTARY] "Iberdrola Renovables SAU lists on Madrid’s stock exchange next month, it will be the
world’s largest renewable-energy flotation. The company, a world leader in wind energy, aims to raise between 4 billion and 5 billion, or $5.8 billion to $7.3 billion." (See full article linked to below.) Merrill Lynch says that demand for renewable-energy offerings far exceeds supply. Furthermore, this article also provides information on forthcoming IPOs in the renewable-energy sector.
Demand Is High for Renewable-Energy IPOs, by Dawn Cowie, November 8, 2007, WSJ.com, USA.

US Investment Management Consultants Association Says Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Offers As Good, Or Better Returns, Than Traditionally Managed Portfolios. - [COMMENTARY] This article should spur even more American investment managers, financial planners, and other investment professionals, to include SRI in their investment strategies. Due to studies and reports such as this, it is likely that over time, recognized ethical stocks and bonds could outperform their general, respective markets.
IMCA Journal of Investment Consulting Publishes New Paper on Socially Responsible Investments, November 7, 2007, Marketwire.com, USA.

One-In-Three Canadians Now Believe That Socially Responsible Investing Is More Important Today Than It Was 5 Years Ago. - [COMMENTARY] The Canadian Investors Group just published an exciting new survey of Canadian attitudes towards socially responsible investing (SRI). The survey offers insight into Canadians’ attitudes on a number of SRI and ethical investing issues. Investors Group was an SRI pioneer in Canada when launching its SRI, Summa Fund in 1987. The firm is now offering two new SRI funds.
Canadians weigh social and environmental factors in investment decisions, November 6, 2007, press release, Investors Group, Canada.

Investors Appetite For Ethical Stocks And Bonds Grows Unabated In UK! - [COMMENTARY] Ethical investing fund inflows were up 600% in the third quarter of 2007 over year earlier period. At 5.8bn. as of September 30, 2007, investments in UK ethical funds increased by 28% from a year earlier.
Ethical fund inflows up 600% on Q3 last year, by John Kenchington, November 6, 2007, Investment Week, UK.

Brief Overview Of US ETFs Focusing On Green Technologies. - [COMMENTARY] This is a useful review for US investors looking for a simple way to invest in a diversified portfolio of green tech stocks.
Green: The Color Of Money -- ETFs, by Kenneth Stier, November 2, 2007, CNBC.com, USA.

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