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Shareholder Values

"64% of those polled were interested in investing, or
investing more money, in SRI fund options; and 22%
said they were very interested."
    November 2014

"Canadian investors are generally favourable towards SRI. A third (32%) said they are 'very' or 'somewhat' interested. [Another] 55 per cent indicated that they would consider SRI if the return was 'as good or better' than other investments... The majority of investors surveyed view SRIs as 'futuristic' (78%) and 'a win-win for the individual and society' (77%)."
Ipsos Reid/
    Standard Life
(Canada) October 2011

"78 per cent of UK investors are more likely to invest in a company with ethical practices, and 64 per cent are planning to invest in ethical funds in the next few years."
TD Direct Investing
(UK) October 2014


Ethical Investing: Investor & Advisor Education

(Note: For investors and advisors interested in learning about ethical investing, socially responsible investing, and spiritual or environmental investing, we have our own Ethical Investing Workshops and on-line Ethical Investing Services.)

Useful information can be gained from these websites. However, be alert to their biases. Most are privately funded.

Suggested websites are denoted with an asterisk (*).

*Calvert Funds - know what you own                    (U.S.A.)
Calvert here has a tool whereby US mutual fund investors can easily screen any US mutual fund on thirteen issues that are important to them. However, users should note that they do also promote their own funds here too.

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) (Can.)
"CFEE aims to identify, and help impart, the fundamental concepts of economics, enterprise, entrepreneurship, and personal finance that must be factored into the decisions and actions we face in our day-to-day lives."

Canadian Fund Watch                                        (Can.)
"This web site is dedicated to investment fund investor education and protection. The multi-billion fund industry plays a key role in the savings and retirement plans of millions of Canadians. Many industry practices provide beartraps for the unsuspecting investor and securities regulations have not kept up with the pace of change in the industry."

Financial Pornography                                        (U.S.A.)
This site aims to arm investors against financial scams.                                              (U.S.A.)
For investing terms and short web-based courses on investing.                                               (Can.)
An advocate for higher ethics and transparency in Canadian investments.

Investor Watchdog                                            (U.S.A.)
"We provide free tools and data to investors who use the services of the four types of financial professionals: Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, Money Managers, Registered Representatives, and Insurance Agents. Our tools help investors select new advisors, monitor current advisors, and replace under-performing advisors."

Journal of Environmental Investing,                    (U.S.A.)
"The Journal of Environmental Investing (JEI) is an inter-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that presents original research in all areas at the intersection of the environment and investing."

More Than Money                                              (U.S.A.) 
“Is committed to changing the way society understands the purpose, potential and
challenges of financial wealth.”

Shareholder Association for Research and Education (Can.)
Canadian not-for-profit organization helping pension funds to build sound investment practices, to protect the interest of plan beneficiaries and to contribute to a just and healthy society.

ShareOwners                                                    (U.S.A.)
" is working to help promote market fairness for investors like you and me. This is our chance to have a real voice by working together."

Small Investor Protection Association                    (Can.)
"A volunteer member organization committed to fair practice in the investment industry."

The Financial Pipeline                                          (U.S.A.)
Offers financial education and understanding.

The Investment FAQ                                           (U.S.A.)
For investing terms and short web-based courses on investing.

Advisor Education

*RI Academy                                                     (Global)
"The RI Academy program provides a comprehensive curriculum in responsible investing. The curriculum covers various environmental, social and corporate governance factors and their investment relevance. The curriculum is comprised of several pathways depending on the level of required specialisation."

*                                                (U.S.A.)
"...provide[s] advisers, money managers, and financial planners with objective news, tools, and information products you need to help you better serve your clients."

*UK Social Investment Forum                                   (UK)
The UK Social Investment Forum now offers a free on-line course for UK financial advisors interested in green and ethical investments.

*US SIF Foundation                                              (U.S.A.)
The US SIF Foundation is now offering a course to familiarize and encourage more investment/financial advisors about socially responsible/ethical investments.


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